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Vinyls like VCT are one of the most common types of flooring in commercial facilities. To help you maximize your VCTs life and care for your vinyl floors with ease, we created the MAXIM® Floor Care Program.

  • Easier Maintenance
  • Longer Floor Life
  • Reduced Lifetime Costs

No Rinse Daily
Floor Cleaner

A neutral damp mop cleaner with a no-rinse formula that’s excellent for cleaning and maintenance of finished floors.

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Heavy Duty
Floor Stripper

An economical, concentrated product that’s powerful enough to remove old layers of wax and finish in minutes.

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Low Odor
Floor Stripper

A professional strength stripper designed for the removal of tough-to strip finishes and sealers.

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Premium High Solids Floor Finish

A high-speed burnishing floor finish formulated to achieve the highest level of gloss and best appearance.

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High Gloss
Floor Finish

A high solids, self-sealing floor finished that delivers a consistent, superior appearance over an extended period of time.

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Fast Cure
Floor Finish

A hard floor finish formulated to cure fast and achieve superior durability compared to other low maintenance floor finishes on the market.

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"The VCT floor care program has everything we need, from finishes to products for cleaning and maintaining finished floors. Floor care is easier and more efficient with one partner that offers it all."

- Satisfied Customer

Helpful Resources for Vinyl Floors

Explore the educational resources below to learn more about essential tips and products for multiple types of vinyl flooring.

Additional Resources

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